Health care provision in Munich and Moosach

Who can help with questions about the health care system?

For people who are new to Germany, the German health care system can be difficult to understand.  However, even people who have always lived here – or who have lived here for a long time – don't find it easy to navigate.

The One-Stop Health Shop (Gesundheitsladen) in Munich is also happy to help. It can inform you about your rights, co-payments, dental treatment, preventive screening examinations, and many other topics. It also provides advice regarding problems with health insurance funds and doctors.

You can contact the One-Stop Health Shop (Gesundheitsladen) by calling 089 772565.

Further information is available at:

From 2 pm to 5 pm every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, the One-Stop Health Shop (Gesundheitsladen) comes to the Moosach neighbourhood centre (Stadtteilladen):

Stadtteilladen Moosach
Dachauer Str. 270b,
80992 München
Tel.: 0175 6432760

If you don't speak German very well, the One-Stop Health Shop (Gesundheitsladen) can invite an interpreter to join. When you call to make an appointment, please say that you need an interpreter!

Advice regarding a wide range of health topics is available e.g. from the AOK Bavaria (AOK Bayern) statutory health insurance fund. AOK provides advice in several languages at

What do I have to do when I'm unwell? What are my rights?

  • Take time to recover!
  • You must notify your employer that you're unwell.
  • If you are unwell for longer than three days, you need a medical certificate to present to your employer.
  • If you are unwell for longer than six weeks, you will no longer receive your wage/salary. Instead, your statutory health insurance fund (Krankenkasse) will pay you a statutory social security payment called sickness benefit (Krankengeld). Sickness benefit (Krankengeld) amounts to about 75 percent of your net wage/salary.

Going to see a doctor:

You can choose your own doctor, but only among those who are registered to treat members of statutory health insurance funds ('gesetzlich Versicherte') or who state that they are able to claim from 'all funds' ('alle Kassen'). Only then can the doctor claim reimbursement from statutory health insurance.

In Germany, you usually go to see a general practitioner (Hausärzt*in) or a paediatrician (Kinderärzt*in) first. You then decide jointly with the doctor whether a medical specialist (Fachärzt*in) needs to get involved. However, exceptions do apply, e.g. for gynaecology, ophthalmology, dentistry 

Make an appointment first, don't just turn up at the practice!

Everyone with health insurance can go to see a doctor.

Make sure to bring your health insurance card and – if you have one – a list of your medications, test results, and medical reports.

Professional confidentiality: doctors are not allowed to tell anyone about your visit or your illnesses, except if you give permission first. This means that you can really talk about everything, without being concerned that the doctor might pass information on, e.g. to public authorities.

Please ask if there is anything you don't understand, including the treatment or medications.

How can I find a doctor?

Please visit the 'KVB doctor search' ('KVB Arztsuche') website. You can use it to find a doctor near you by entering the medical specialty you are looking for and your place of residence or postcode:

What to do if I can't get a doctor's appointment?

If you can't find a general practitioner, paediatrician, other medical specialist, or psychotherapist despite having spent some time searching, you can approach the Bavarian Association of Medical Practitioners Registered for Statutory Health Insurance (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayern).

Appointment service point for Bavaria: call 116117
Online appointment service available at

Please have your health insurance card at hand when you call. Prerequisite: statutory health insurance membership

When do I go to see which doctor?

  • General practitioners and paediatricians: for urgent appointments
  • Medical specialists: Only in urgent cases confirmed by your general practitioner

The KVB will then search for an available appointment for you, which will be scheduled to take place within four weeks of your call.


Patient information service (Patient*innenberatung)

The Munich One-Stop Health Shop (Gesundheitsladen München e. V.) has been offering consultations for residents in Moosach since February 2020.One-Stop Health Shop staff provide information, advice and support free of charge on topics including:

  • Statutory health insurance benefits
  • Services provided by doctors and hospitals
  • Being uninsured
  • Finding your way around the health care system
  • Services not covered by health insurance (e.g. 'individual health benefits' – 'Individuelle Gesundheitsleistungen')
  • Patient rights
  • Securing health care for people on low incomes
  • Suspected medical errors
  • Co-payments and hardship provisions
  • Dental health care benefits and co-payments (for example for dental prosthetics)

In Moosach, free advice is made available in collaboration with the Moosach neighbourhood centre (Stadtteilladen Moosach) from 2 pm to 5 pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month:

Dachauer Str. 270b,
80992 München

You can find out the exact dates at:

During coronavirus restrictions, in-person consultations can only take place in exceptional circumstances. You can reach the counsellors on the dates and at the times indicated by calling 089 18944886. You're also welcome to leave a message and your telephone number on the answering machine. You will be called back as quickly as possible.

You can also reach the counsellors via email at mail-DIESEN TEXT (write ‘Beratung Moosach’ in the subject line), by telephone on: 089 772565 und Fax 089 7250474.

Further information is available at

All consultations are treated anonymously and under data protection regulations. This service is provided with financial support from the State Capital of Munich.

Ärzte der Welt e.V. -
Medizinische Hilfe und soziale Beratung für Menschen ohne Krankenversicherung.

Terminvereinbarung von 09:30–17:00 Uhr
Tel. 0177 5116965


Dachauer Str. 161
80636 München

Behandlungsbus am Hauptbahnhof, Eingang Nord
Arnulfstr. 1-3
80335 München

Bayernkaserne, Haus 12
Heidemannstr. 50
80939 München.

Malteser Hilfsdienst / Malteser Medizin für Menschen ohne Krankenversicherung

Menschen ohne Krankenversicherung bekommen hier eine Behandlung durch Ärzt*innen oder medizinische Fachkräfte. Beispielsweise bei Notfällen, Verletzungen, Schwangerschaft.

Es gibt Kinderärzt*innen, Zahnärzt*innen, Allgemeinärzt*innen und eine Sprechstunde für Frauen.

Bitte einen Termin vereinbaren: Tel. 089 43608411


Streitfeldstr. 1
81673 München

Refugee Stairway Center der Diakonie München und Oberbayern (Innere Mission)

Hilfe um Integrationsangebote wahrnehmen zu können, z. B. bei dem Kontakt zu Fachstellen, Aufnahmeeinrichtungen und Gemeinschaftsunterkünften.

Terminvereinbarung: Tel. 089 1269915102


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