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The internet – a good source of health advice?

Symptoms, illnesses, treatments, and tips for healthy living – the internet is full of helpful information but, unfortunately, also full of incorrect information. How can you be sure that you haven't fallen victim to fraud, or are just being lured into buying something?At the same time, the internet can provide trustworthy information.

But how do you recognise it?

The following website provides valuable information and tips: Gesundheitsinformation.de 

The five most important rules are:

  • Click on the website's legal notice (‘Impressum’). If the website doesn't have a legal notice, a 'contact us' or 'about us' section, you can be sure that the provider is not trustworthy. These sections also help you find out whether a commercial company or a neutral organisation is behind the website.
  • Whenever treatments, medications, or foods are recommended, several alternatives should be shown. If only one product is shown, you can be relatively sure that you have ended up on a commercial or advertising site.
  • The first search result is not necessarily the best – often it is just advertising. Check out several search results and compare the statements made on these sites.
  • Don't be impressed by promises of a cure, especially for serious illnesses. These are untrustworthy.
  • The internet can only help in a limited fashion. Our tip: consult a doctor or professional counselling service. Our website lists important health information services in Moosach and Munich.

One very good website with information and advice on a range of health topics is www.gesundheitsinformationen.de.

Another, equally good website providing information in German, English, Turkish, and plain language is https://gesund.bund.de.

Savings and concessions in Munich

The Munich Passport (München-Pass) gives you access to many savings and concessions. For example, you can go to the swimming pool or participate in a cooking course at the adult education institute (Volkshochschule) at reduced fees. Eligible are all Munich residents and their families, as long as they are on a low income. Find out if you are eligible and apply for your Munich Passport (München-Pass)!

Information available from:

Ehrenbreitsteinerstr. 24
80993 München
Tel. 089 233-96802

[PDF for download]

Holiday Passport (Ferienpass)

All Munich children and young people from the age of 6 years can obtain a Holiday Passport (Ferienpass) at a low cost. This passport allows them to use a wide range of services for low fees or free of charge during all school holidays, e.g. free entry to indoor swimming pools using coupons, or unlimited entries to outdoor swimming pools without paying a single cent.

Find information and points of sale at: https://www.muenchen.de/ferienpass


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