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Frequently asked questions

No, you can also attend in-person events. Only some events are exclusively online.

No, you can also use an internet-enabled mobile phone to participate in online events.


Nothing. Our events and information are free of charge.


You can register an event with Miray Salman.

MiMi Centre for Integration in Bavaria, Ethno-Medical Centre Inc. (MiMi-Zentrum für Integration in Bayern, Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum e. V.)
Ph.:  089 52035959-.
Email: bayern-DIESEN TEXT ormiray-DIESEN TEXT 

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm
You can find additional information here

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„München - gesund vor Ort“ wird von der AOK Bayern - Die Gesundheitskasse im Rahmen der Projektförderung „Gesunde Kommune“ nach §20a SGB V gefördert