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'Healthy in Moosach online' ('Gesund in Moosach online') is a platform and a learning zone for Moosach residents who would like to find out about health topics, or are looking for doctors, counselling services, or similar.


'Healthy in Moosach online' ('Gesund in Moosach online')  is part of the State Capital's 'Munich - health where you are' ('München - gesund vor Ort'):


'Gesund in Moosach online' is funded by the State Capital of Munich and the AOK Bavaria (AOK Bayern) statutory health insurance fund. The Ethno-Medical Centre Inc. (Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum e. V.) has been contracted to develop and support it.

'Healthy in Moosach online' is intended to reach Munich residents with a history of migration as well. The website is therefore also available in English, French, Turkish, Arabic and Russian.

On our website, you will find:

•  Information materials about health-related topics

•  Information about local health care services

•  Information and advice from health experts

•  Dates for upcoming information events and the opening hours  of information services that you can attend

•  Courses and information events in a range of languages on individual topics regarding health and individual illnesses

All services and materials on our website are free of charge. You can use them without having to register. To participate in online events, interactive information sessions, or in-person events, one-time registration is required.

'Healthy in Moosach online' ('Gesund in Moosach online') is part of the 'Munich – healthy where you are' (München – gesund vor Ort') project. With this project, the health department would like to promote the health of Munich residents in four city districts: Moosach, Feldmoching-Hasenbergl, Trudering-Riem, and Ramersdorf-Perlach. You can find more information at: https://stadt.muenchen.de/infos/projekt-muenchen-gesund-vor-ort.html

Helena Auer, Health Manager for Moosach


"I have been part of the 'Munich – healthy where you are' ('München – gesund vor Ort') project of the State Capital of Munich's health department from the start. During this time, I have already been able to implement some health promotion interventions in collaboration with local organisations. I would be pleased to advise and support you regarding any health promotion topics, interventions, and services in the Moosach district. I am always happy to receive suggestions on the topic of health promotion and prevention in the neighbourhood. Please feel free to get in touch with me."


Stadtteilladen Moosach
Dachauer Str. 270b
80992 München
Ph.: 01525 6652286
E-Mail: gesundheitsfoerderung.gsr-DIESEN TEXT ENTFERNEN-@muenchen.de

Opening hours: by appointment. 
The Neighbourhood Centre (Stadtteilladen) has disability access.

Stadtteilladen Moosach

Dachauer Straße 270b
80992 München
Ph.: 089 45205666
Email: info-DIESEN TEXT ENTFERNEN-@stadtsanierung-moosach.de

Opening hours::

Tue 10.00–14.00 Uhr
Wed 10.00–14.00 Uhr 13.00–18.00 Uhr/ Energiesprechstunde
Thu 10.00–18.00 Uhr (and by appointment)

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„München - gesund vor Ort“ wird von der AOK Bayern - Die Gesundheitskasse im Rahmen der Projektförderung „Gesunde Kommune“ nach §20a SGB V gefördert